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Welcome to The Limestone Maine Chamber of Commerce

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Limestone, Maine Chamber of Commerce website. Bordered by New Brunswick, Canada, and the beautiful St. John Valley, Limestone is strikingly scenic with outstanding year round recreational opportunities. The community is essentially a blending of agrarian and "bedroom residential" characteristics.

The Town of Limestone is roughly 25,000 acres in size with 48% of its acreage in farmland, 39% in forest, and the remaining 13% in developed area. Limestone is well known for its beautiful rolling hills that are interspersed with potato and grain fields, forested areas, and a variety of lakes, ponds and streams. There are three major watershed control dams located within Limestone that are utilized for recreational boating, fishing, swimming, and picnicking. Limestone Stream runs through downtown Limestone and is one of many local streams that provides excellent fishing for native brook trout.

Limestone, Maine is a small piece of agricultural America. There are over 12,000 acres of farmland in Limestone with 10,500 acres classified as cropland. A large majority of this cropland is designated "prime agricultural soils" by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service. An estimated 60% of this cropland, or 6,000 acres, is utilized for the production of potatoes. Some 155 million pounds of potatoes are grown annually in Limestone. Limestone has been ranked among the top five potato producing communities in the State of Maine during the past 40 years, earning the reputation as "The Home of the World's Best Potatoes!".

Limestone's approximately 2,200 people are regarded as hardworking and independent, while they hold friendships especially close. Its unspoiled society, outstanding educational system and recreational opportunities provide an ideal setting for family life.

Limestone provides an excellent array of community services to its residents. These services include an outstanding educational system, public water treatment and sewage disposal, fire and police protection, a public library, town office services, business development assistance and recreational programs and facilities.