Greater Limestone Sewer Treatment Facility

The Greater Limestone Regional Wastewater Facilities (GLRWWTF)

After eight years of efforts on the part of local, state, and federal officials and $23.4 million invested, the Greater Limestone Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility upgrade has been completed. All of Limestone’s sewerage is now being pumped by two pumping stations to the District’s new wastewater treatment plant located off of the West Gate Road on Plant Road. The District has met their goals by removing Limestone’s and LDAs’ treated wastewater (effluent) from Limestone Stream, the Little Madawaska River and, at times, the Green Law Stream. Because the Aroostook River is a larger body of water, it can accept the treated flows year round without causing any environmental damage. The complete elimination of effluent from these bodies of water will improve the water quality for native Atlantic Salmon and other aquatic life.

With the extension of the outfall to the Aroostook River, our new wastewater treatment facility will be positioned to handle the potentially large volumes of wastewater associated with future larger types of industries. This will provide a potential boost for economic growth in our community.

The new plant contains energy efficient equipment and buildings, including a solar photovoltaic panel. These energy efficient measures have resulted in cost savings to our customers.

The collaboration between Limestone and Loring Development Authority resulted in the creation of a new board dedicated to the operation of the sewer plant. The purpose of the new board is to assure that the new plant functions economically and in an environmentally safe manner now and into the future. This board consists of three elected officials and two appointed officials.