Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Registration

Registration Renewals:

Renewals require current registration. Boats and Snowmobiles require previous Maine numbers if previously registered in Maine.

Expiration Dates:

ATV’s and Snowmobiles expire in June each year.
Boats expire in December each year.

New Registrations:

New registrations require a bill of sale if purchased from a private owner. Sales tax will be paid at time of registration. If purchased from a dealer, a green sales tax form will have to be presented at time of registration as proof you have paid your sales tax.


Hunting and Fishing licenses expire in December of that year. New Licenses may be purchased early in December for the next year. Licenses make a great gift. If you are purchasing your hunting license for the first time, please present your hunter safety card at the time of purchase.


For questions or more information about registering your recreational vehicle and/or purchasing your hunting/fishing license, please contact the tax collector at (207) 325-4704 ext. 1