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Municipal Directory


                     Town Office

Main Number

(207) 325-4704

Town Manager Fred Ventresco 207-325-4704
Tax Collector/Town Clerk Vicki Page 207-325-4704
Code Enforcement Officer Thomas Albert 207-325-4704
Health Officer Thomas Albert 207-325-4704
Building Inspector            NA 207-325-4704
Welfare Director Fred Ventresco 207-325-4704
Road Commissioner Fred Ventresco 207-325-4704
Civil Emergency Preparedness Jon Poitras 207-325-4704
Asst. Clerk Gayle McDougal 207-325-4704
Board of Voter Registration Vicki Page 207-325-4704
Treasurer Fred Ventresco 207-325-4704
Public Works Director/Foreman Paul Page 207-325-4707
Fire Chief Jon Poitras 207-325-4703
Police Chief Stacey Mahan 207-325-4702
Truant Officer Stacey Mahan 207-325-4702
Animal Control Officer Stacey Mahan 207-325-4702
Librarian Lisa Dale 207-325-4706
Parks & Recreation Director Doug Sharpe 207-551-1204
Superintendent of RSU#39 Tim Doak 207-496-6311
Tri-Community Landfill Mark Draper 207-473-7840
Waste & Sewer District Jim Leighton 207-325-4788
M.S.S.M. Director Luke Shorty